Seedbed cultivator — CHERVONETS

A perfect seedbed forms the basis for a successful growth of plants. Tilled soil shall be leveled and loosened simultaneously across the entire depth of tillage. CHERNOVETS is suitable for almost all types of seedbed preparation due to its custom-tailored frame and variety of working elements. CHERVONETS multipurpose cultivator is a diversified, conventional implement for seedbed preparation.

Product specifications

Covering of liquid and solid manure, light stubble tillage, the second stubble breaking or couch grass control do not present a problem for CHERVONETS at all. It is unlikely that any other soil-tilling implement can be as versatile as CHERVONETS. Application of S-shaped spring tine in soil-tilling units creates favorable conditions for optimal water and air level in soil. Elastic deformation of this tine leads to oscillatory movement of leg in soil. These legs vibrate both in longitudinal and lateral directions and with minimum height movement. This provides strict observance of the required depth of tillage, increases quality of soil crumbling, decreases draft force and leads to the prevention of working tool blocking with soil and plant residues. Distance of 125 mm between the working elements provides high quality of soil tillage along the whole working width of the unit.
CHERVONETS is suitable for almost all types of seedbed preparation: loosening the soil to a depth of seeding from 3 to 15 cm, incorporation of various fertilizers, light stubble treatment, second stubble plowing or couch grass fighting are not anymore a problem for CHERNOVETS. Being effective on small and large areas CHERNOVETS is a multi-purpose and classic tool for seedbed preparation. Hardly any other tillage tool can be as versatile.
We offer the following components for a smooth running on any soil types:
Tines, both with sprung units or without them.
Working elements: wing share, duck foot, wedge-shaped reversible tip.
Basic technical characteristics
Working width, m
Operating depth, cm
Distance between legs in plan view, mm 
Operating speed, km/h
до 15
Efficiency, ha/h
до 12 
Total weight, kg
Required tractor power, hp  
Soil crumbling, min. (max. size of clods is 25 mm), %
Unevenness of field surface, cm
до 3
Cultivated soil shall be leveled and loosened simultaneously along the whole depth of cultivation. This is provided with the rollers of seedbed cultivator which perform uniform consolidation to the depth of seeds packing. Due to soil consolidation, all young seedlings have an optimal supply of moisture, which facilitates uniform germination and therefore promotes higher yield and steady income.
Tilting suspension of double tooth rollers (front roller – 330 mm, rear roller – 270 mm), roller geometry and position of the rear roller with its shift in relation to the front roller provide uniform load distribution for optimum crumbling and levelling of soil. Easy control with fingers of working depth for working elements considerably decreases time for adjustment and increases the unit productivity.
On medium and heavy soils the multipurpose sprung bar is fixed with backward tilt toward the implement. Therefore, all soil irregularities can be reliably eliminated in one pass. Springs protect the bar from damages. On light soils the multipurpose sprung bar is fixed with frontward tilt toward the tractor. Therefore, this bar cultivates less soil and cultivator has less resistance.
Teeth for loosening of wheeltracks (additional accessories). For loosening of tractor wheeltracks CHERVONETS-8 can be equipped with spring teeth, which can be adjusted according to the height and width of wheeltracks.