Orion 9,6 is a single disc Air Drill intended for sowing by traditional, minimum and No-till agro-technologies. Orion 9,6 is able to sow the seeds of grain, medium and small leguminous crops which are similar to grain crops by size and seeding rate. Air drill can also sow the free-running seeds of grass with simultaneous introducing of mineral fertilizers into sowing rows and packing the soil.

Product specifications

The angle of attack and step-by-step landed force of V-shaped packing wheels can be adjusted. It gives to use the Air Drill on the fields with different firmness and abundant volume of stable remains.
·          Productivity ha/hour 8-10
·          Working speed km/hour 8-12
·          Working width m 9,6
·          Number of rows of openers along the stroke length  pcs. 2
·          Distance between rows of openers mm 1200
·          Row spacing mm 200
·          Opener Depth Settings for seeds mm 30…90
·          Opener Depth Settings for fertilizers mm 30…90
·          Seeding rate kg/ha 0,7…400
·          Fertilizer introducing rate kg/ha 25…200
·          Tank capacity (total) l 9633 Tank capacity for seeds l 5217
·          Tank capacity for fertilizers l 4416
·          Габаритные размеры в рабочем положении mm 13800х10500х4000
·          Overall dimensions in transport position mm 14400х4800х3600
·          Tractor h.p. from 300

Operative parts

The tank for seeds has capacity of 5217 l and the tank for fertilizers has capacity of 4416 l. General capacity is 9663 l. Big capacity of the tanks provides reducing of loadings of seeding material which is very important in conditions of a tight schedule. 
The loading of tanks is implemented by hydraulic auger loader. Loading speed depends on method of supplying of seeds into receiving hopper of auger loader.  The air cart has a simple and reliable sowing system delivering the seeding material to the operating elements. Sowing system consists of: - blower driven from the autonomous diesel engine «Lamborghini» with power capacity of 24 h.p. (Air Drill Orion 9,6) , or from hydraulic motor  (Air Drill Orion 9,6-01); - blocks of adjusted seeding reel mechanisms installed for seeding and fertilizers tanks separately; -seed tubes and horizontal dividing heads. The seeding reel mechanisms are made from polyurethane and have an increased life time. Inclined blades provide continuity. Instead of gear boxes the Air Drill has variators for seeding and fertilizers mechanisms. It gives an opportunity to provide stepless adjustments of seeding rates as for seeds as for fertilizers.
Horizontal dividing heads, as opposed to vertical ones, do not require a powerful air flow for distribution of seeding material and fertilizers to operating elements. Air drill can be switched from working position to transport position hydraulically.
46 cm diameter disc blades, angled out 7 degrees, allows to operate on the fields with abundant stubble remains. The maximum 180 kg landed force is able to provide uniform deepening on the firm grounds. The point of seed discharging and fulcrum of gauge wheels are coincided which provides a given seeding depth. Depth setting has thirteen positions. The depth setting lever provides optimal deepening control. A whole furrow openers are made out of high-duty cast iron. Nylon seed reflector directs the seeds into the bottom of the furrow.  Packing wheel presses the seeds to the bottom of furrow providing seed-to-soil contact.
V-подібні загортаючі колесамають регулювання кута атаки і ступінчасте регулювання притискного зусилля, що дозволяє використовувати сівалку на грунтах різної твердості і великою кількістю рослинних залишків.